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How to Budget for Your Home Renovation

Keep costs under control on your next home improvement project.

Remodeling Can Be Unpredictable

You’ve got a vision, but visions can be expensive. Remodeling and home updates come in all shapes and sizes of price tags. You don’t want to end up underwater, but you also know the untapped potential of your space.

You Need a Budget—We All Do!

Want to stress less about home updates? We’ll show you how to plan and organize your remodeling budget to keep costs tamed and under control.

We Paid for a Major Home Renovation—In Cash!

Jessica and Ryan are both teachers raising their family of three kids. Like many families, they made enough money to get by, but didn’t have a lot left over. After using YNAB, they were able to cash flow a large home renovation to turn their starter house into their forever home—and still had enough for date night.

  • We Turned a Starter House Into Our Dream Home

    YNAB enabled us to figure out our priorities. ”

    —Jessica and Ryan

Here’s How It Works

  • 1. Make Your Project Budget

    Create your list of expenses to get an organized view of your remodel plan.

  • 2. Prioritize Your Money

    Divvy up your dollars to specific expenses. This brings clarity to spending decisions.

  • 3. Start Renovating

    Focus on getting the job done right and stress less about money during your project.

Budget for a More Peaceful Project

Try making a project budget in YNAB for free! No credit card required. Oh, and we promise—no shame, no guilt if you go for the expensive fixtures.

Practical Tools for Starting Your Home Renovation Budget

  • See How It’s Done

    Watch this video of how one couple created their home renovation budget in YNAB.

    Watch Now
  • Project Expense Tracker

    Put the YNAB method to use with this free printable project expense tracker to map your plan.

    Get the PDF
  • Live Q&A

    Our always-friendly teachers are here to help answer your project budget questions!

    Ask Your Questions
  • See a Real Example

    See how YNAB was used in a real project to prevent costs from ballooning.

    Read Now

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